A New Kirby Game is in Development by Hal Laboratory

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 4 Years ago
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Kirby fans, rejoice! HAL Laboratory, the developer behind the hit Nintendo series, is recruiting for several positions in the next Kirby installment, and by the sounds of it, they’re pulling out all the stops to make it the most amazing Kirby title ever.

The company posted an announcement on their official Twitter.

If you can’t read Japanese, the main takeaways are that they’re hiring for these positions: Action Programmer, 3D Artist, Motion Designer, UI Programmer, Level Designer, Effect Designer, Graphics Programmer, Planning Assistant, and Project Manager.

The previous mainline Kirby title, Star Allies, was a major hit on the Nintendo Switch, selling well over 2 million copies. That game was seen as a celebration of the series’ roots, meaning that while the game was chock full of fan favorites from over 20 years of Kirby goodness, it also played things a bit safe.

This new title may be more of a game-changer and something of a turning point for the series. It could be Kirby’s equivalent of Breath of the Wild or Super Mario Odyssey. The possibilities are endless.

If we’re lucky, we might get more details about it in the next Nintendo Direct, which is coming very soon.

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