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  • Apple’s Back! New iPhone Models (and Prices) Rock Our World with Amazing Features

Apple’s Back! New iPhone Models (and Prices) Rock Our World with Amazing Features

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 4 Years ago
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The Apple Event just finished, but we’re already declaring it a massive success for the tech giant.

We will release an in-depth analysis soon, but for now let’s cover the biggest announcements for the highly anticipated iPhone 11.

For starters, remember how we predicted the iPhone 11 would focus on better quality photographs? We weren’t wrong. The new iPhone’s lenses will allow for even wider pictures, while including all of the same features from previous models. Even better, it boats an extra hour of battery life over iPhone XR.

The best part? The iPhone 11’s base price is only $699.

Apple has long been criticized for its prohibitively expensive prices, and due to supply chain issues caused by trade negotiations, not to mention a poorly received announcement earlier this year of an expensive Mac stand – we are thrilled to see that Apple has listened to consumers and been able to noticeably upgrade its hardware while offering it at a competitive price. This will be perfect for the fall season.

The next big announcement is the iPhone Pro, another prediction of ours that turned out even better than we expected.

Some key takeaways from the Pro model is that it comes in two models: Pro and Pro Max. Both upgrades sport three lenses and offer a longer battery life of an extra four and five hours respectively. The Pro also features Super Retina XDR capabilities and an entirely new A13 Bionic chip. It uses Deep Fusion machine learning to perform character animation, advanced video editing, and a new lighting system that uses Deep Fusion machine learning. That, along with the triple lenses, takes photography and filmmaking to another level. And both models include a ‘fast charge’ adapter.

The iPhone Pro’s price starts at $999. The iPhone 11 Pro will be available for just an extra $100. If those are too expensive for you, remember the base model is only $699 while previous iterations of iPhone 8 and X will still be around for $499 and $599.

Apple also announced a new trade-in policy where you can exchanged your iPhone 8 or X to purchase the iPhone 11 at a discounted price of $399, the iPhone 11 Pro for $599 and the iPhone 11 Pro Max for $699.

Other announcements include Apple TV Plus and a new gaming service in the app store called Apple Arcade.

The iPhone 11, Pro, and Pro Mac will all be available on September 20.

We will keep you up to date on more Apple news as it is announced.

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