Bendable Joy-Cons could be Coming to Nintendo Switch

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 4 Years ago
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In a move that is likely to excite Nintendo fans everywhere, the company recently submitted an application for a US patent on bendable Joy-Cons. The conceptual design shows a pair of Joy-Cons with hinges on each side that allow the top half of the controller to bend.

Such a controller would offer a much more ergonomic grip compared to current Joy-Con models. Based on the design, it looks like these bendable Joy-Cons work whether they’re physically attached to the Switch or not.

Nintendo has recently been offering replacements to anyone who calls into customer service complaining defective Joy-Cons. The Switch itself has been a hit, in no small part thanks to the unique controller setup, but the Joy-Cons haven’t been without controversy. Drifting, a defect where characters in the game move without user input on the controller, has been a major concern for consumers.

This patent may offer a fix to those current issues while also offering an entirely new gaming experience.

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