• What Will Trump’s Upcoming Social Media Platform Be Called? Here’s A Short List Of Possible Names

 Former President Donald Trump is well-known for his branding abilities. It could be argued that most of his wealth has been a result of expertly branded and marketed names that he licenses out to others. So now that it’s been announced the former president will launch his own social media empire very soon, one […]
    • by Dan Martin
    • 7 Months ago
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  • Trump Warns Iran To Halt Construction Of Real-Life Death Star

 Following recently leaked documents out of Iran that allegedly contain blueprints for some sort of Star Wars-style Death Star, all eyes have been on the Trump administration for a response. In a fiery exchange with reporters, Trump declared, “Iran best not continue down this reckless path of constructing a Death Star, that I can […]
    • by Megan Yousif
    • 2 Years ago
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