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Everything We Know About ‘Home Improvement’ Spin-Off ‘Assembly Required’

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 2 Years ago
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The popular sitcom Home Improvement may have come to an end 21 years ago in 1999, but the friendship between co-stars Tim Allen and Richard Karn has persisted throughout the years. Karn even guest-starred in Allen’s hit series The Last Man Standing.

And now, the two actors are joining forces to bring their Tim “The Toolman” Taylor and Al Borland personas back to life in a new History Channel series called Assembly Required.

Tim Allen (left) and Richard Karn (right) are reuniting for an all-new Tool Time-inspired show.

Their new show will enlist talented builders from across the US and challenge the contestants to a competition to see who can not only fix broken household appliances, but rebuild them into something even more useful.

To top it off, Assembly Required will also explain the long and interesting history of each appliance shown, including the origin of each item as well as its inventor.

Richard Karn confirmed the new series has already begun filming, which he and Allen are executive producing on top of their hosting duties. Tim Allen had this to say about the new show:

“Let’s face it — we’re living in a throwaway society. We buy, break, replace… rinse and repeat. Whatever happened to repair and rebuild? There are some people who unfriend, unfollow and dispose of anything that offends, annoys or breaks – so I’ve created a show to remind people of the satisfaction and pride that comes from rebuilding something on their own. And who better to join me than my buddy from the old Tool Time days – Richard Karn! Now we’re talking More Power! Albert Einstein once said, ‘I’m not a genius, I’m just passionately curious.’ Well, let’s get curious! Even a chimpanzee would at least show interest, right? Wait – I think I just came up with another idea for the show! R-R-R!”

Allen also took to Twitter to talk about the inspiration behind the new series.

No premier date has been confirmed for Assembly Required and there’s no word yet on whether Home Improvement alumni like Pamela Anderson or Jonathan Taylor Thomas will make an appearance.

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