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Exclusive: Here’s The Actual Rudy Giuliani Video Clip From Borat 2

  • by Robert Cliff
  • 2 Years ago
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American politics has had an interesting week. Even more salacious headlines than usual have been making the rounds.

Among the highlights of the week were that CNN legal analyst and New Yorker contributed Jeffrey Toobin had allegedly exposed himself on camera in the middle of a Zoom meeting, and that presidential candidate Joe Biden’s son Hunter had seemingly received large sums of money from companies based in China and Ukraine in questionable dealings which his father was allegedly involved in.

But the news that seemed to catch the most attention involved former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani.

Giuliani found himself in the middle of an embarrassing prank set up by none other than Sacha Baron Cohen for the upcoming film Borat 2.

While rumors spread that Giuliani had inappropriately touched himself in the presence of an actress posing as a female reporter, the New York mayor claimed he was merely tucking in his shirt after removing wires and other recording equipment.

It was hard to determine which interpretation of the situation stuck closer to reality, as the only evidence provided was a single still frame of the clip, potentially taken out of context.

But now we have discovered actual video of the encounter, so you can watch and judge for yourself. The most relevant moments can be seen here:

A longer version of the scene for additional context can be viewed here:

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