‘Frozen 2’ Directors Dish On the Potential of ‘Frozen 3’

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Director Jennifer Lee Talks About 'Frozen 3' Possibilities.

While Frozen 2 has been absolutely cleaning up at the box office, both domestically and worldwide, many Disney fans are hoping the series will blossom into a trilogy. So, with the success of Elsa and Anna’s latest adventure, is a third film already in the works?

The answer is a resounding ‘maybe’. Although it may be more fair to say that it currently leans more towards ‘no’ than ‘yes’ depending on who you ask.

In a conversation with CinemaBlend, Frozen 2 directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, as well as producer Peter Del Vecho, discussed the possibility of Frozen 3 to round out the series.

Frozen 2 directors Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, sat beside producer Peter Del Vecho to talk about the likelihood of Frozen 3.

Del Vecho said that the team did a “great job of weaving them as one full story,” and that it “now feels like a complete journey.”

Lee agreed, saying that “it feels complete to me.”

Buck nodded, adding “Me too.”

Then something interesting happened. Lee pointed at Buck and playfully told the reporter “ask him in a year.”

This is important to note, as not long after the release of the first Frozen movie, Chris Buck never ruled out the possibility of a sequel, saying to ask him how he felt about the idea in a year.

Seeing as how Lee has collaborated with Buck over the years, she is very familiar with his personality and probably knows he’ll want to return to the Arendelle universe eventually.

Regardless of the filmmakers’ feelings, Disney itself will probably want to return to the franchise too. Especially if the sequel keeps performing well over the upcoming holiday season.

Frozen 2 is in theaters now.

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