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Gamer Saves Online Gaming Friend From Across The World In Real Time

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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A gamer in the UK had his life saved by his online gaming friend an ocean away in Texas. The shocking event all started as the two were playing online together.

Aidan Jackson, 17, from Widnes, Cheshire was chatting with Dia Lethora, 20, from Texas, when he began to feel “a little funny”.

The teenager went to lay down in his bedroom, keeping the microphone close by his side. After a while, it became obvious to Lethora that he wasn’t suffering from a normal headache.

From 5,000 miles away, she immediately called emergency services in the UK. Her voice was trembling as she spoke to the responder over the phone, fearful for the life of her friend.

Luckily, she was able to keep calm and provide Jackson’s address. Soon, an ambulance arrived at his house. His parents were caught by surprise.

“The first we knew of it, two police cars arrived out front,” Jackon’s mother Caroline said to Sky News. “We had a look thinking they were going elsewhere and then they started to run up our path.”

Neither of his parents were aware he was having a seizure upstairs. They were initially confused and told police that nobody at the residence had placed the call, but the officers explained the call had come from the US.

Within moments, they were able to take take Jackson to the nearest hospital where his condition stabilized. He’s no stranger to seizures, as he previously suffered from one in 2019.

From the hospital he was able to thank Lethora over their usual online communication. She is just happy he is alive and well.

The incident highlights a positive side of online gaming, and reinforces the importance of having a social network of friends to help in case of emergency.

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