How To Finally Evolve Eevee To Sylveon In Pokémon GO

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 2 Years ago
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After years of waiting, Pokémon fans will finally be able to get their hands on Sylveon for the first time in the popular Pokémon GO app.

Developer Niantic announced the final Eeveelution will be available on May 25th, 2021. The Fairy-type evolution of Eevee will debut in Part 2 of the Luminous Legends Y event. Players can also expect a slew of other Eevee-themed items to appear during the event.

On top of that, Eevees will appear more often in your surroundings, as well as its other evolved forms, and a Sylveon hoodie will be available as digital apparel for your avatar.

But how will you go about getting an actual Sylveon? Well, first you’ll need to see Eevee as your in-game buddy. From there, you’ll want to boost your friendship levels with Eevee by earning lots of hearts. In order to do that, you’ll need to do lots of activities with it – such as playing with it, feeding it berries, and taking pictures of it. This follows similar procedures introcued to evolve Eevee into Espeon and Umbreon in previous updates.

You can get a sneak peek at Sylveon’s Pokémon GO debut appearance in a recently posted official video.

In addition, starting on May 18th, other Pokémon such as Yveltal will be featured in Raids and Pancham will be available in Strange Eggs. You’ll also be able to find Galarian Zigzagoons via AR Mapping and Field/Timed Research Tasks.

Part 1 of the Luminous Legends Y event’s runs May 18th through the 24th, while Part 2 runs May 25th through 31st.

This should come as great news for many Pokémon GO fans, and is a nice treat for those who won’t be able to partake in other Pokémon-related activities following Target’s ban on Pokémon TCG sales in its physical stores.

Pokémon GO is available now on Android and Apple iOS devices.

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