Kathleen Kennedy Is Likely Stepping Down From ‘Star Wars’

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Star Wars fans (and just fans of good storytelling in general) will probably be happy to hear that Kathleen Kennedy is rumored to soon be resigning from her role as the president of Lucasfilm.

The alleged revelation comes from Overlord DVD, a YouTube Channel that often covers Star Wars-related news.

YouTube rumors aren’t usually given much consideration as they are often unreliable; however, Overlord DVD has proven to be a good source of information as his sources seem to have a good track record with many of his previously published rumors coming to pass, such as his pre-release reports about story arc and ending of the last Star Wars film.

Citing insider sources, Overlord DVD correctly predicted the plot and ending of The Rise of the Skywalker before its release.

“At this point, I have been informed that Kennedy’s contract will not be renewed,” Overlord DVD reported. “She will be going on to create her own production company. Her leadership will be missed but Disney looks forward to what Kathleen will do with her new company.”

Overlord DVD has also reported of an internal struggle within Lucasfilm that could lead to the entire library of the reboot trilogy to be reset and erased from Star Wars canon.

When Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, Kennedy was hoped to be a mastermind who could expand the cinematic Star Wars universe into territory similar to producer Kevin Feige’s historic accomplishments in pioneering the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The troubled production and financial performance of Solo: A Star Wars story was merely a harbinger of things to come.

Unfortunately, outside of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and possibly Rogue One, the franchise has suffered a downward spiral of box office loss after box office loss with each consecutive release. The infamous Solo spinoff was an embarrassing critical and financial failure.

Then there was The Rise of Skywalker, which by any reasonable expectations should have been the highest-grossing film in the new trilogy as it served as the bookend of the legendary Skywalker saga, but instead was the lowest-grossing film of the new trilogy.

Outside of the films, there was also the lackluster performance of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disneyland which was already seeing record low attendance in 2019 – well before the coronavirus outbreak. Most of the park is based on the new characters and locales introduced in Kennedy’s trilogy rather than Lucas’ original.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge suffered from low park attendance even before COVID-19.
Photo Credit: Orange County Register/SCNG

Indeed, many fans have complained that Kennedy’s vision, while borrowing excessively from past films, is also perceived to be disrespectful of the original characters by sidelining them and suggesting the past be destroyed if necessary. A past which includes the beloved origins of the well-received original films.

Needless to say, Star Wars as a brand has suffered badly on every level under Kennedy’s watch. The fact that the greatest Star Wars success since Disney took over and put her in charge has been The Mandalorian TV show, which received the least amount of creative input from Kennedy, has further damaged her credibility.

To be fair, Disney didn’t entrust one of their biggest assets with Kennedy for no reason. She even seemingly received blessings from George Lucas himself. Before the disaster of the new Star Wars unfolded before our eyes, Kennedy was a well-respected film producer.

Kathleen Kennedy has a long history of producing classic movies, previously collaborating with George Lucas on several projects.

Her name appears in the credits of some of the greatest movie classics of all time, from E.T. the Extraterrestrial and Indiana Jones to Jurassic Park. As a producer, she’s third behind only Steven Spielberg and Kevin Feige in total box office receipts. We’re talking about a prolific and highly successful stalwart of Hollywood history.

Her recent failures don’t erase her past successes that earned her nearly full control of the Star Wars empire. She’s just not as strong on the creative side of things, which is something nobody realized until it was too late.

And if we’ve learned anything from Disney – a company that just this year saw the sudden resignation of powerhouse CEO Bob Iger, and previously had no qualms with cutting ties with Toy Story creator John Lasseter – it’s that everybody is expendable, no exceptions. Mickey Mouse is cleaning house.

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