Photos Reveal a Closer Look at Nintendo’s Upcoming Theme Park

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Nintendo fans, rejoice! Mario and gang are coming to Universal Parks around the world. The first to open will be in Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan. The park is scheduled to launch in Osaka during summer 2020 to coincide with the Olympic Games being held in Tokyo. Twitter user @lcastudios_usj has been posting pictures of the site’s progress, and so far it looks very exciting.

Although it is just under construction, photos of the attraction reveal a larger-than-life replica of a Super Mario Level, complete with towering cartoony hills, the iconic Question Blocks, and even the world-famous flag pole our plucky plumber is known to slide down at the end of each 2D Super Mario Bros. game.

As you can see, the designers nailed the Mario aesthetic.

Super Nintendo World will feature a range of themed attractions, shops and restaurants. Universal Parks & Resorts CEO Tom Williams recently confirmed it will initially include two rides, Super Mario Kart and Yoshi’s Adventures. Leaked models of the park also suggest there will eventually be a Donkey Kong Land-themed section.

It will also feature an interactive element involving special magnetic wristbands that guests can use to interact with the land’s environment and keep track of scores. With any luck, we might even get a Luigi’s Mansion ride, maybe virtual ghost-hunting?

Following the Japan opening, Super Nintendo World is scheduled to come to Universal’s Orlando, Hollywood and Singapore parks, although dates for openings outside of Japan haven’t been announced.


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