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Man Arrested For Calling Customer Service 24,000 Times To Complain

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Police in Saitama, Japan have arrested a 71-year-old man for calling his cellphone company’s customer service to ask questions and file complaints roughly 24,000 times.

Akitoshi Okamoto was taken into custody after allegedly using public payphones to make thousands of toll-free calls to KDDI, a major Japanese telephone operator.

Although the total number of calls took place over a two-year period, in the week of his arrest alone he is suspected of making over 411 calls to the company, often complaining to and insulting its customer service staff, as well as abruptly hanging up as soon as representatives were on the line.

His main grievance? He was upset that his phone was unable to pick up radio broadcasts, which claimed was a contract violation.

“He demanded that KDDI staff come to him to apologize for violating his contract. He also repeatedly hung up his calls immediately after placing them.” a police spokesman told AFP News in a recent interview concerning the situation.

The spokesman added that Okamoto could be charged with “fraudulent obstruction of business”.

According to Japan Today, KDDI was reluctant to press charges at first, but Okamoto’s repeated calls made it nearly impossible to assist other customers.

For his part, Okamoto is denying any wrongdoing and maintains that he is “the victim”.

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