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Modern Redesigns of Classic Pokémon Are Jaw-Droppingly Incredible

  • by Zax Ma
  • 4 Years ago
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A group of artists over at Subjectively have answered the age-old question: what would classic Pokémon from the first generation in the 90s look like if they were designed today? While this is a topic that many fans speculate about, Subjectively’s team actually went out and drew some reimagined designs of Gen 1 Pokémon – and the results are interesting to say the least.

The three Pokémon they focus on in their experiment are Fearow, Hypno, and Dugong. Fearow is the first to get a makeover. The artist notes that the inspiration behind the redesign is other modern bird-inspired Pokémon. The artist specifically mentions Toucannon from Pokémon Sun and Moon as one of the inspirations behind Fearow’s redesign. Compared to Gen 1 Pokémon, Gen 7 pocket monsters are much more detailed. Check out Fearow’s new look:

Redesign of Fearow | Credit: Subjectively – YouTube

The next redesign is of Hypno, and it’s striking how accurate it looks. The Hypno redesign would feel right at home in any modern generation Pokémon game. The artist behind Hypno’s transformation listed fellow psychic-type Oranguru as part of the inspiration. The artist mentions how the original Hypno, like many Gen 1 Pokémon, simply has ears on the top of its head – presumably to fill up space and make the design pop. As you can see in the redesign, simple ears aren’t good enough anymore. Still, Hypno is sporting some headgear to add some extra flair to the design. Below is a side-by-side comparison of the old and new Hypno designs:

Hypno’s redesign (right) beside original design (left)| Credit: Subjectively – YouTube

The next redesign is of the famous seal-like Dugong. However, if you want to see it, you should just watch the full video below. The artists go into much more detail about how they came up with the new designs, and it’s very engaging. You’ll also learn a lot of useful graphic designs tips by the end of it:

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