‘Monster Hunter Rise’ Receives The Golden Treatment

  • by Dan Martin
  • 2 Years ago
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Amiibo are back, baby! There are three new amiibo (including a supersized Magnamalo) being released alongside Monster Hunter Rise at the end of the week. And another three Monster Hunter amiibo coming this summer to celebrate the release of Monster Hunter Stories 2.

But perhaps the coolest Monster Hunter amiibo are the golden counterparts to Rise‘s set. That’s right, a golden Palamute, Palico, and Magnamalo are available now.

But… they’re exclusive to Japan. Still, if you’re in the country, you can get your hands on them by purchasing a download code from 7-11. With that code, you will have the chance to win three golden Monster Hunter Rise amiibo.

These golden variants will very likely become highly sought after collector’s items in the future. And not just due to being prizes in a limited-time contest in Japan, but also due to the fact that they just look awesome.

The contest runs from January 25th through April 11th. Beyond the golden amiibo, there are seven different Monster Hunter Rise products available (Mega Armorskin, Mega Demondrug, Mega Potion, Pitfall Trap, Max Potion, Well-Done Steak, and Lifepowder).

There is a chance the golden amiibo might find their way to a Western release. It’s very likely that they’ll be part of a My Nintendo promotion or sold exclusively at certain retailers like GameStop. Capcom previously released a Golden Mega Man variant that started out at as a Japan-exclusive until eventually becoming available in Western countries.


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