New Stop-Motion Pokémon Animated Series Coming to Netflix

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Netflix is collaborating with The Pokémon Company to create a new animated series that expands the Pokémon universe with groundbreaking stop-motion animation.

The new show, along with lots of other Pokéstuff, was announced during Pokémon Presents 2023.

The series is called Pokémon Concierge and not much was revealed about it other than a brief clip of a Psyduck walking along a beach and a screenshot featuring a cheerful human character looking upwards from the same beach.

One tidbit about the show that was dropped was the fact that it will take place at The Pokémon Resort and the many Pokémon who visit as guests. The resort setting suggests it could take place in Alola and the premise of focusing on the Pokémon as characters themselves could mean the show follows in the footsteps of the Mystery Dungeon video game series where the Pokémon actually talk to one another in deep and meaningful ways. Or it could just go the route of old Pokémon animated shorts, like Pikachu’s Vacation, where there is little dialogue involved and we mostly get to enjoy following the antics of the Pokémon.

The show was announced by Minyoung Kim, who oversees content from Asia-Pacific who says the series was created in partnership with Dwarf Studios.

A release date for Pokémon Concierge was not announced, although it was said to be ‘coming soon’.

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