New ‘Twin Peaks’ Project Might Be in Development

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Twin Peaks featuring David Lynch and popular characters Agent Cooper and Laura Palmer, may enter a new season.

On an early morning in September, Twin Peaks director and co-creator David Lynch took to Twitter to post how much he enjoyed filming the popular series in King County. Normally this tweet would sound rather benign, but the last season of Twin Peaks finished filming nearly three years ago. So why bring up filming it now? Fans soon went wild with speculation that a new season may be underway.

The Salesh Lodge in King County, which was mysteriously closed at the time, tweeted they were feeling “the Twin Peaks” vibe around the same time.

A week later, Hollywood Horror Museum posted that someone “in the know” told them some very interesting news about the future of Twin Peaks and to expect something from the series in 2020. They added that “this isn’t just a rumor”. This particular nugget is especially relevant as David Lynch’s daughter Jennifer Lynch is on the museum board.

Since its debut in 1990, Twin Peaks has captured the hearts and minds of millions of viewers.

On October 1st, author and series co-creator Mark Frost posted a crypted tweet about One-Eye Jack’s, referencing a location in Twin Peaks. On the same day, actor Kyle MacLachan who portrays series protagonist Agent Dale Cooper tweeted about donuts, a possible reference to his character’s well-established sweet tooth.

Then, actor Michael Horse dropped an image on Instagram of Twin Peaks’ Andy shushing Deputy Hawk to secrecy. It was later revealed that actress Sheryl Lee, who plays the role of the iconic Laura Palmer in the series, had to cancel a public appearance at Rock and Shock USA “due to filming”.

Furthermore, the band Chromatics, which performed at the Roadhouse in the show’s third season, just released its first album in years.

This steady and consistent flow of activity from various Twin Peaks alumni and those close to the show’s staff has convinced many fans that an official series-related announcement is around the corner. Some have suggested that the flurry of posts is just a clever way to promote the upcoming Twin Peaks: From A to Z Limited Edition Blu-Ray box set.

Others have posited that it’s all building up to the release of the Twin Peaks VR game that’s currently in development.

However, it’s more likely that the recent posts and the box set itself are marketing tools to hype up something even bigger. Several insiders have floated the idea of not just one but two new Twin Peaks seasons and even a movie being in the works. Whatever Lynch and the rest of the Twin Peaks crew have in store for audiences, they’re definitely up to something.

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