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  • Nintendo is Going to Make Exercising Fun with Latest Switch Creation

Nintendo is Going to Make Exercising Fun with Latest Switch Creation

  • by Ring Yip
  • 4 Years ago
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Nintendo has been successfully getting gamers off the couch and exercising for years. The company sold over 22 million units of its Wii Fit accessory and game back in 2012. The Wii Fit let players to do everything from yoga, to aerobics, to virtual jogging right in the comfort of their own homes.

Now with the massively popular Switch, the House of Mario is looking to recapture the exergaming market with its newest game and accessory: Ring Fit Adventure.

Nintendo is making exercise fun with Ring Fit Adventure.

My name is Ring, so at first I was flattered to think they named a game after me, but after checking out the reveal trailer I realized the “Ring” in “Ring Fit Adventure” is actually tied to the ring-shaped device that comes with the title.

The ‘Ring-Con’ is flexible, and also comes with a separate leg strap. Together, both accessories connect to the Switch’s Joy-Cons and are compatible with the Ring Fit Adventure game.

Row, row, row your boat gently down the Ring Fit Adventure stream.

The interactive title encourages players to move their bodies as they use the Ring-Con to do upper body exercises and the leg strap for lower body exercises. You can work out your arms, core muscles, and even thighs as you play a set of games ranging from large adventure-themed experiences, to quick minigames that look fun for the whole family.

After each playthrough, you can see your overall score which includes your time record and even how many calories you burned while playing it. The versatility of the controls also allows for all kinds of possibilities; for example, the Ring-Con can be bent for use in archery minigames, or used as a steering wheel for driving in other scenarios.

The Ring-Con can adapt to many different physical activities.

A lot of it has to be seen to believed, so you can watch the entire reveal trailer below. You won’t need to wait long to try it out yourself either, as Nintendo’s Ring Fit Adventure will be available to purchase next month, October 18.

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