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Pokémon Max Diamond & Max Pearl Rumored To Be Coming To Nintendo Switch

  • by Dan Martin
  • 3 Years ago
  • 2

A coder allegedly working for Game Freak dropped some major clues as to the company’s next big project.

According to the supposed Game Freak employee, remakes of fan favorites Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo Switch are deep in development. The games will reportedly be titled Max Pearl and Max Diamond, respectively.

Moreover, they may be hitting store shelves as early as next year, and they will likely feature the Dynamax mechanic from Pokémon Sword & Shield.

The leak also shares which Pokémon will receive new GMax forms, such as the third evolution of the Sinnoh starters, Infernape, Torterra, and Empoleon.

Additionally, Claydoll, Garchomp, Dragalge, Floatzel, Luxray, Mismagius, and Matin will have GMax forms.

Pokémon Max Diamond & Max Pearl are tentatively scheduled for a November 2021 release date. This comes after the annual Pokémon Day and will commemorate Pokémon‘s 25th anniversary.

In all honesty, as exciting as this rumor is and as unlikely as it may sound to some as it would essentially be a dream come true for many Pokémon fans, it’s still not that outlandish when you think about.

After all, Game Freak already announced more surprising titles like a Pokémon Snap sequel and Pokémon Unite, neither of which have received official release dates but are also expected to be available in time for Pokémon‘s upcoming anniversary.

Still, this is only a rumor and should be treated as such. It’s also possible Game Freak could announce Let’s Go versions of Pokémon Gold and Silver, or a wholly new title altogether. Time will tell.


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