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Pregnant Wife Uses Husband As Her Chair

  • by Jenny Lobdell
  • 3 Years ago
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A Chinese man in Hegang is now a viral sensation after becoming a ‘human chair’ for his pregnant wife to sit on in a crowded hospital.

The married couple were waiting to see the doctor when the pregnant woman began feeling muscle cramps and fatigue. The weight of her stomach was too much to bear.

Unfortunately, all of the chairs in the room were occupied, and nobody so much as offered the struggling woman a seat.

Her husband decided to take matters into his own hands when he sat on the floor and offered his wife to to lean on his back for support.

The expectant mother sat on her husband’s back after he told her to while holding onto a railing on the wall.

As she sat on his back, he even passed a water bottle to her to keep her hydrated during the long wait.

Local police were so touched by the incident caught on security cameras that they  posted video of it to their official account where it quickly went viral. Besides praising the devoted husband, they also offered criticism of the onlookers who didn’t help.

Would you do the same for your significant other?

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