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  • Sakurai Reveals Secret About Kirby’s Abilities In Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sakurai Reveals Secret About Kirby’s Abilities In Smash Bros. Ultimate

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 2 Years ago
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Good ol’ Kirby. Nintendo’s little puff ball is a bottomless hole of surprises in more ways than one. Every year we seem to learn more about the pink powerhouse that makes us appreciate him more and more.

And between the release of his last video game and the announcement of his manga being officially translated to English, Kirby’s been busy as of late.

Since game designer Masahiro Sakurai created Kirby in 1992, not a year has gone by since he wasn’t involved in some Kirby-related project. Most recently, Kirby received new copy abilities in Sakurai’s other creation, Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Kirby’s new copy abilities stem from the two recently released DLC characters for the game, Pyra and Mythra from Xenoblade Chronicles.

While showing off Kirby’s special Pyra and Mythra abilities in a livestream event, Sakurai spilled the beans on something that hardcore gamers may have already known, but has been a well-kept secret in the general gaming community: Kirby’s copy ability attacks are stronger than the original attacks they’re based on.

That’s right, Kirby’s copied fire breath ability deals out slightly more damage than Bowser’s fire breath ability, and so on.

On top of that gaming secret, Sakurai also revealed the reasoning behind it – which is perhaps even less known. Since using Kirby’s copy ability is a risk for players who aren’t familiar with the character they’re copying, the extra boost in power is meant to compensate. And that extra boost hopefully makes using Kirby’s copy ability and learning other character’s moves become a more attractive gamble that encourages players to explore the game’s controls more in-depth.

So there you have it. More evidence that Kirby is the definitive best Smash Bros character. No further debate required. Right?

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