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  • Scientific Research Takes Humans One Step Closer to Immortality

Scientific Research Takes Humans One Step Closer to Immortality

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Scientists were recently stunned to discover a method that de-aged some volunteers in an experiment that utilized a cocktail of drugs.

According to the research first published by Nature, participants in the study actually aged backwards, with many of them reversing their biological ages by an average of 2.5 years.

The results are measured by marks on volunteers’ genomes that represent their epigenetic clocks.

The research subjects took a growth hormone and two medications that usually treat diabetes. Initially, the test was meant to examine the drugs’ effect on tissue in the thymus gland as it correlates to the immune system. That study was already complete before researchers decided to analyze the effects of the drugs on the epigenetic clocks. That’s when the shocking discovery was made.

Even more promising, the effects don’t seem to have worn off. The reverse aging was still measured in the blood of six of the participants even long after the trials had finished.

However, despite their optimism, the researchers are not celebrating just yet. Only nine people participated in the study, and there was no control group. Furthermore, all of the participants were men.

Scientists hope to continue the research in a controlled study with a more diverse sample group. The implications could be major if there are further breakthroughs in the already encouraging research.

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