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Secret Admirer Leaves Insane Gift And Disturbing Message At Woman’s Door

  • by Jenny Lobdell
  • 2 Years ago
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A woman was left bewildered by an unusual note and present left outside her home, apparently from a secret admirer.

A neighbor called attention to a white envelope protruding from the front door of Elleanor Holland’s home in North West England.

She cautiously opened the envelope and found that it contained a crudely written note that simply read “I will always love you” along with two microwaveable hot dogs wrapped up in a blue plastic baggie usually reserved for sandwiches.

Everyone knows the path to a woman’s heart is paved with hotdogs.

Ms. Holland, 25, suspects a local bachelor may be responsible for the the strange gift, but doesn’t know the identity of the mystery Casanova.

“I’m pretty sure it’s not anybody I know. Well, I hope not.” Holland said, “My neighbor was quite worried about it, but I reassured her it’d be a joke and she shouldn’t worry about it.”

Her boyfriend, 32-year-old Adam Greenway, says he isn’t threatened or intimidated by this naked attempt to steal his partner from him. Instead it has only triggered random bursts of laughter from him and Elleanor whenever the topic comes up.

“We’ve all seen the funny side. It’s just a bit of fun. I hope it’s nothing more than that anyway.” Holland explained.

Elleanor and Adam have been together going on a year.

She surmises the sausages may have been included as a treat for Elleanor’s dog, but decided not to risk feeding them to him in case they were poisoned.

Still, she’s trying not to take it too seriously.

She posted a picture of the Phantom’s note and gift on Facebook, along with the caption: “And some will still argue romance is dead. Does the sender of this want to contact me?”

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