Secret Rare Cards Are Changing In Pokémon TCG

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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The PokémonTrading Card Game has excited many fans with its introduction of V and VMax cards for the upcoming Sword and Shield expansion, but there are other aesthetic updates in the latest set released in Japan that some fans might not have noticed.

Can you spot the new style of pattern in this VMax card?

For starters, holofoil cards with have a new pattern style. Also, VMax cards will use textured holofoil as well, which was previously only used for Secret Rare cards. Not only that, but both Rainbow Rare cards and the Gold Ultra Rare cards will feature a new glitter effect in their holofoil and Trainer cards will also come with holofoil versions.

Moreover, Full Art Pokémon cards, which have traditionally only had monotone backgrounds, will now have background art.

Full Art cards will now feature background art.

A potential downside for some fans is that there will be less Rainbow Rare cards. Only VMax and select Trainer cards will feature Rainbow Rare options in the Sword & Shield expansion, as opposed to the previous tradition of a Rainbow Rare for every GX card.

Most of these changes will be useful for collector’s to take note of, while everyone else probably won’t notice as these specific updates won’t alter gameplay.

The Sword & Shield sets hit Western shores in February 2020.

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