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Shocking Message Written On Cake Nearly Ruined Wedding

  • by Jenny Lobdell
  • 2 Years ago
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After strongly negative reactions to an eyebrow-raising message written on top of a cake, a group of bakers in Boston claim they were just following orders. The wedding venue isn’t fully convinced though.

Everyone knows the cake is one of the focal points of every wedding reception, and it must look perfect for the moment the camera snaps a picture of the happy couple cutting into it with a knife.

Many bakeries will personalize the cake for their clients, but a photo of one wedding cake was posted on Twitter after it appeared that the directions had been taken word for word.

The cake’s white border and icing looked amazing, but the message ‘No inscription please!’ was written smack dab in the center.

After the embarrassing mistake was posted on Twitter, workers apparently from the bakery who made the cake insisted that the order was exactly what the bride and groom had requested.

They had replied ‘yes’ when asked if they wanted an inscription attached to their order for a 10 inch carrot cake, according to a photo of the receipt that has been shared.

Sure enough, the person who received the order wrote: “‘No inscription please!’ – this is what they want on the cake as the inscription.”

Luckily, once the cake reached the venue the writing was removed and replaced with flowers before the wedding ceremony began. It’s still unclear whether the whole thing was a prank by the couple or just an example of bad communication.

Of course, it’s not the craziest wedding story or the funniest, but the wedding venue isn’t likely to forget it any time soon.

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