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  • Spiritual Successor To ‘Go The F–ck To Sleep’: A Children’s Bedtime Story About Dinosaur Extinction

Spiritual Successor To ‘Go The F–ck To Sleep’: A Children’s Bedtime Story About Dinosaur Extinction

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 2 Years ago
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In the publishing world, bedtime stories are a staple of the industry. They’re usually a child’s first exposure to books, and often serve as a gateway into a life of reading.

And the best part about bedtime stories is that they’re increasingly becoming not just for kids. Popular series like ‘Go The F**ck To Sleep’ have proven adults can enjoy bedtime stories too. But it’s rare to find a bedtime story that can appeal to both children and adults.

Books like ‘F**ck, Now There Are Two of You’ and ‘Make A Wish, Little Ones’ are reviving the bedtime story genre.

That may change with titles like ‘Make A Wish, Little Ones’, which is part of the dinosaur-centric Dinny & Smallstack series. It doesn’t have the profanity found in the ‘Go The F**ck To Sleep’ books, but its latest entry brings plenty of dark humor to bedtime as it centers around a group of dinosaurs who mistake meteors for shooting stars. The innocent dinosaurs make their final wishes on those shooting stars before the inevitable happens and things end with a bang.

Luckily the illustrations are all done in a very cartoony style, so the extinction event feels more like a Tom & Jerry or Looney Tunes adventures. And yet, that doesn’t detract from the scientific accuracy or educational value. A dinosaur guide is included that provides the era each dinosaur lived in, from the Triassic, to the Jurassic, all the way to the Cretaceous periods – along with interesting facts and trivia tidbits about each.

And with popular series like Jurassic World and its Netflix spin-off Camp Cretaceous dominating the pop culture, there’s never been a better time to introduce dinosaurs to you and your family’s bedtime routine.

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