‘Super Mario Party 2’: Switch Sequel Currently In Development

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No spin-off series in Nintendo’s Super Mario franchise has seen quite as many entries as the Mario Party games.

There are 11 games in the core series of the Mario Party catalogue. 16 games if you count handheld entries on the GBA, DS, and 3DS respectively. And don’t even get me started on the arcade version.

Suffice it to say, Mario Party is a very popular offshoot of the Mario games, rivaled perhaps only by Mario Kart in terms of popularity among players.

Super Mario Party was a runaway hit on the Switch, shifting over 10 millions copies to date.

Super Mario Party Sales

In fact, Super Mario Party on the Nintendo Switch is among the top ten of Nintendo’s best-selling games on the console. It has moved over 10 million copies alone. That means Super Mario Party alone accounts for over a quarter of the reportedly 39.6 million copies sold of games across the franchise’s existence following its debut on the N64.

Given its raving success and the fact that most of Nintendo’s consoles outside of the Wii U have received more than one Mario Party entry, many fans have been left wondering if and when the sequel to Super Mario Party will arrive on the Switch.

Earlier this year NDcube, the current developer behind the Mario Party series, finished development of Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. This means they should have plenty of time in their schedule to pencil in the development of the Super Mario Party 2.

Nintendo recently patented a team formation games that bears strong resemblance to Super Mario Party on the Switch.

Super Mario Party 2 Switch Patent

Indeed, Nintendo itself has already patented some new information processing for a team formation game that looks strikingly similar to Super Mario Party. The patent even made reference to Mario Party 8, strongly indicating it will be used in a continuation of the Mario Party formula.

The entire control setup in the patent appears almost identical to gameplay found in Super Mario Party on the Switch. Combine this fact with the knowledge that NDcube’s current development schedule is open, and it becomes increasingly obvious that a followup to Super Mario Party is underway.

Super Mario Party 2 Release Date

Considering the patent looks exactly like a Switch game that utilizes the JoyCons, we can probably expect it to be released before Nintendo’s next-gen console replaces the Switch.

Industry analysts would predict Super Mario Party 2 will likely release in 2021, unless it is held over for a 2022 release slot.

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