• The Curious Case of David Wilcock

    It’s difficult to know where to begin when discussing someone like David Wilcock. Millions of people are probably not familiar with his name or his work, but millions of other people are well aware of the New York Times bestselling author and his lectures. He’s gained popularity through his books, such as The Ascension Mysteries […]
    • by Amber Lee
    • 3 Years ago
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  • University Retracts Press Release Claiming Alien Insect Life Forms Live On Mars

    While many people are excited about NASA’s recent revelation that water may be just inches below Mars’ surface, others have been left scratching their heads at a recently deleted press releases from Ohio University that claimed the Red Planet is teeming with both “fossilized and living creatures”. Ohio University emeritus professor William Romoser, who is […]
    • by Alan Hobbs
    • 3 Years ago
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