• Evil Squirrel Has Already Sent 2 Mothers To Hospital In Texas

    Squirrels have long been known as nature’s petty criminals, often seen stealing birdseed from feeders and getting muddy paw prints all over freshly washed car windows. But one squirrel in the cozy Texas neighborhood of Cypress has graduated to outright physically attacking helpless victims, sending at least two women to the hospital so far. While […]
    • by Amber Lee
    • 2 Months ago
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  • Scientists Put 3D Glasses On Cuttlefish, Hilarity Ensues

    Cuttlefish are amazing creatures. They not only have the ability to change the color of their skin on a dime to blend into their surroundings, but now scientists have confirmed they can also wear traditional blue/red filtered 3D glasses. In fact, research shows that cuttlefish vision works surprisingly similarly to humans’. For example, cuttlefish depth […]
    • by Jenny Lobdell
    • 3 Months ago
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  • Pickup Truck Stolen While Owner Was Robbing a Store

    The early thief gets the truck. In a twist of instant karma, surveillance cameras in the city of Kennewick show a Washington state man had his truck stolen at 6 in the morning while he was in the process of stealing from a store across the street. YakTriNews reports that the 1992 Chevy pickup was […]
    • by Alan Hobbs
    • 7 Months ago
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