• ‘Mulan’ Movie Review: Disney Needs To Do Some Reflection, Dishonors Animated Classic With Live-Action Remake

    Full disclosure: I am an avid fan of Disney’s 1998 animated classic Mulan. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve watched and rewatched the movie over the course of my life – perhaps a thousand times if not more. My sisters and I memorized every line of dialogue and every lyric to every song, […]
    • by Alan Hobbs
    • 3 Months ago
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  • Live-Action Sonic The Hedgehog: Good Or Bad?

    Video game movies. They’ve been around since time immemorial, and they’ll be around long after we’ve all passed on to higher realms of consciousness. And if one thing has held true for every film adaptation of a video game, it’s that they always tend to suck in one way or another. Even the half-decent ones […]
    • by Cyrus Oliver II
    • 7 Months ago
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