• ‘Jurassic World: Dominion’ Will Set The Stage For New ‘Jurassic Park Universe’

    Life finds a way. As do movie franchises. The upcoming third installment in the Jurassic World saga has been expected to close the final chapter of the Jurassic Park series, but producer Frank Marshall says it’s only the beginning. In an interview with Collider, Marshall not only insisted that Dominion won’t be the final film […]
    • by Dan Martin
    • 2 Years ago
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  • Secret Rare Cards Are Changing In Pokémon TCG

    The PokémonTrading Card Game has excited many fans with its introduction of V and VMax cards for the upcoming Sword and Shield expansion, but there are other aesthetic updates in the latest set released in Japan that some fans might not have noticed. For starters, holofoil cards with have a new pattern style. Also, VMax cards will […]
    • by Alan Hobbs
    • 3 Years ago
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  • Here Are All Of The Updates Coming To Super Mario Maker 2

    Nintendo announced a bunch of cool stuff coming to Super Mario Maker 2 in a free update that will launch on December 5th. Let’s break down the list of everything new you can expect from the game: Enemies Spike: The classic gluttonous Mario enemy that spits and throws spike balls at our hero will finally […]
    • by Alan Hobbs
    • 3 Years ago
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