The Best Horror Books You’ve Never Read: Part Two

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Suburbs Of The Underworld

Suburbs of the Underworld is an anthology of eclectic short horror stories that covers everything from the Mandela Effect and sleep paralysis, to alien abductions and sentient carnivorous umbrellas.

Coming in at a brisk 168 pages, it packs a lot of punch and offers such a wide variety of stories that if one of them doesn’t suit your fancy, then it won’t be long before you read another on that’s more your cup of tea.

Another obscure collection of short horror stories you might be interested in is …

Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Largely seen as Japan’s equivalent of Edgar Allen Poe’s works, Japanese Tales of Mystery and Imagination is another horror anthology. Originally published in 1956, it offers rare insight into Japanese sensibilities post-World War II through the filter of horror.

Many of the stories contained within its pages, like The Human Chair, would go on to inspire other horror masters from Japan like manga author/artist Junji Ito. Interestingly, the author of this anthology went by the pseudonym Edogawa Rampo, which is itself a play on the name Edgar Allen Poe. The author’s real name was Hirai Taro.

And if you enjoy Japanese horror, you should also check out…


Published by author Otsuichi in 2015, Goth is another Japanese horror novel but with an interesting twist. It documents the life of a high school student named Morino who is obsessed with murder cases, the more gruesome the better.

After a string of killings in her town, she convinces a classmate to join her in investigating the murders. However, she’s not interested in bringing the serial killers to justice. She wants to get to know them. But at what cost?

It’s an interesting premise that reveals some deep psychological questions about horror fans in general and their own obsession with the macabre.

For those who hunger for a more Western take on things, look no further than the next book on this list…


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