The Best Horror Books You’ve Never Read

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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The horror genre has seen a resurgence as of late. With movie adaptations of Stephen King works like It and Doctor Sleep, and horror anthology series such as Black Mirror and Creeped Out finding an audience on streaming services – there has been no better time to be a horror fan.

However, both newcomers and veterans of the genre may have missed out on some awesome but lesser-known horror literature over the years. There are lots of obscure titles that deserve your attention, but for one reason or another have slipped through the cracks of public awareness.

If you think you know everything going on the world of horror, try these titles on for size:

The Totem

The Totem is one of just a few horror novels by David Morrell. Published in 1979, its first printed edition was considerably shortened due to meddling from his editor at the time. He republished it in all of its uncut glory in the 1990s.

Set in a tight-knit Wyoming mountain town, The Totem tells the dark tale of a community tormented by mysterious cattle mutilations, escalating cases of missing people, random children going legally insane, and a viral disease that quickly spreads.

It’s well-regarded for its deep characters and rich storytelling that horror isn’t always known for. In later commentary, Morrell wrote that he strove to display Jungian archetypes in the book to “evoke the mythic power of mountains, forests, and caves” using his research into prehistoric cave art to derive spine-tingling implications on modern society.

If that doesn’t peak your interest, you might prefer something a little more varied. Something like…


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