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  • ‘The Girl From The Other Side’ Receives Anime Adaptation

‘The Girl From The Other Side’ Receives Anime Adaptation

  • by Amber Lee
  • 3 Years ago
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Everyone loves a good old-fashioned fairytale. Case in point, The Girl From the Other Side, a popular manga series that centers around an enchanting little girl named Shiva and her mysterious (some might say creepy) guardian known only as “Teacher”.

Written and illustrated by Nagabe, the manga series started in Japanese magazine Monthly Comic Garden in 2015 and has since been serialized in eight volumes so far, each one receiving an English translation.

Compare The Girl From the Other Side‘s Shiva in the manga to the anime.

Reception for the series has been overwhelmingly positive from critics and readers alike. It has ranked high on the list of Great Graphic Novels for Teens for two consecutive years by The Young Adult Library Services Association. Moreover, it received a nomination for the Best Comic award at the 45th Angouleme International Comics Festival.

Japanese fans of the manga were treated to a short anime adaption of the story which came bundled as a limited edition DVD with the latest volume released last September.

While it only clocks in at 10 minutes, the short has already received high praise for its quality animation and faithful portrayal of the art and tonal themes of The Girl From the Other Side. Check it out:

Brought to life by Wit Studio, which has worked on well-known anime such as Attack on Titan, the short is directed by Yutaro Kubo and Satomi Tani. It hasn’t received an official widespread release in the West so far, although it did premiere at the Fantasia Festival in Montreal, Canada. It’s possible it could be released in the US to coincide with the release of the next manga volume in March.

Still, it’s worth checking out the trailer just to see the rustic art style in fully animated form.

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