The Pokémon You Were Never Meant To See

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Pokémon developer Game Freak has put out a lot of imaginative designs of the little critters over the past two decades. But have you ever wondered what happens to Pokémon left on the cutting room floor? In the past, they would usually be forgotten, never to be seen again, but more recently fans have gotten some insight into Pokémon that never quite made it to the public.

It’s all thanks to @DrLavaYT, who unearthed scrapped designs like this popcorn-themed Pokémon:

On top of scrapped designs, @DrLavaYT also found alternative takes on classic Pokémon and their evolutions, like this never-before-seen form of Farfetched:

Or this rejected variation of Hitmontop:

Along with more terrifying alternatives like this old Pinsir model:

Perhaps the most interesting of the newly found designs is Kurusu, a starter Pokémon that was eventually replaced by Totodile.

With Pokémon Sword and Shield just around the corner, one can’t help but wonder if any of these rejected Pokémon will make a comeback.

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