Unboxing The Jumbo-Sized Monster Hunter Rise Magnamalo Amiibo

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 2 Years ago
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With the release of Monster Hunter Rise just around the corner, gamers everywhere are waiting in anticipation not just for the game but for all of the related goodies and accessories being released along with it.

Those goodies include things like the Monster Hunter Rise-themed Pro Controller, Limited Edition Switch, large Palamute plush pillow, and of course, amiibo. Capcom and Nintendo have spared no expense at rolling out a massive debut for the first Monster Hunter game developed from the ground up for the Switch.

And the amiibo are quite interesting. There are three amiibo to collect in all for Monster Hunter Rise, including a Palamute, Palico, and Rise‘s monster mascot Magnamalo.

Monster Hunter Rise amiibo feature Palico, Magnamalo, and Palamute figures.

While I thought all three amiibo were fine, I wasn’t exactly excited for any of them myself. I mean, maybe the Palamute would be a nice addition to the collection – there aren’t really any other amiibo quite like it. But still, they all seemed pretty par for the course in terms of poses, sculpt detail, and overall quality.

But then Nintendo uploaded a Monster Hunter Rise unboxing video as part of its Nintendo Minute series, and oh my goodness, after watching it I must own the Magnamalo amiibo.

Here kitty, kitty.

The Magnamalo amiibo is much larger than I expected. It wouldn’t be the first large amiibo released, Detective Pikachu and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild also had some pretty big amiibo. But the Magnamalo looks absolutely stunning. Unlike the colossal Detective Pikachu amiibo, this one earns its size. It essentially requires two hands to hold it.

The only other amiibo I’m even more eager to add to my collection would the golden version of the Magnamalo, which is available exclusively in Japan. After that, my wallet can take a break until Monster Hunter Stories 2 amiibo come out this summer.

Monster Hunter Rise and its amiibo hit store shelves March 26th.

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