Who’s That Pokemon: Totodile’s Lost Cousin?

  • by Alan Hobbs
  • 3 Years ago
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Totodile's Long Lost Pokemon Cousin

Since the beginning of the series, every Pokemon title has offered players the choice of picking one out of three starter Pokemon to go on adventures with. For the second generation of the series, Pokemon Gold & Silver, one of the most popular starter Pokemon has always been the Water type Totodile. The quacking little reptile has been such a staple of the series ever since, it would be hard to imagine any other Pokemon in its place. But that’s exactly what almost happened.

Art of a different Water type starter for the games has surfaced, and by the looks of it they went beyond the concept stages as there’s even pixel art to go with the rather official-looking illustrations of the time.

Twitter user and Pokemon aficionado @DrLavaYT posted designs of a Water type starter Pokemon called “Kurusu”. It is noted that Kurusu was integrated so deeply into the original games pre-launch that it was even featured as a playable choice in the game’s Japanese demo. As shown in the pictures, Kurusu second evolution is Akua, and finally Akueria. DrLavaYT notes that with each evolution, it resembles a plesiosaur more and more. This could possibly be the reason it was scrapped from the finished game, as its design could have been seen as too similar to Lapras from the first generation.

Every stage of Kurusu’s evolution. It’s possible that its final evolution was deemed too similar to Lapras for inclusion in the final version of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Still, despite its similarity to other Pokemon in the roster, Kurusu and its family do have a lot of charm. Considering that the series now boasts over 800 Pokemon, including arguably less creative-looking pocket monsters, it might not be a bad idea to revive Kurusu for inclusion in future Pokemon installments.

Kurusu is not alone, though. In fact, it made it father along the most. There are dozens of designs that never made it beyond the concept stage, such as a popcorn-themed Pokemon, and alternative designs for Pinsir, Farfetched, and Hitmontop.

Perhaps some of these forgotten critters could find their way into Pokemon Sworld & Shield when it launches this November on the Nintendo Switch.

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