Why is Belle Delphine Appearing in Signs Across Taiwan?

  • by Nancy Chen
  • 3 Years ago
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Billboards and signs across Taiwan have been promoting a new mobile game that promises MMORPG goodness for all. However, amidst all of the excitement and buzz surrounding the title, some have noticed a remarkable likeness between a female character in the promotional material for the game and popular cosplayer Belle Delphine.

The game, titled Perfect World Mobile, has a big following in Asia. The series has actually been active since 2006. Still, even longstanding MMORPGs are no match for the wily charm of Belle Delphine. Several travelers in the Taipei City Mall couldn’t help but gawk at the the doppelganger character with fox ears.

Belle, is that you?

It’s unclear if Belle Delphine is really the inspiration behind the character’s design, but it sure looks like her. One can’t help but wonder if she’s earning any royalties from her fox-eared twin. Then again, she is a cosplayer who jumpstarted her career by dressing up as similar-looking characters. Maybe it’s just a coincidence. We’re not sure if this is a case of art imitating life or vice versa. Take a closer look below. What do you think?

They could be twins, right? Well, if her Perfect World Mobile counterpart starts trying to sell bath water, we can confirm the two are related. Until then, these pictures are our only evidence.

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